Professional mattress cleaning: dry vacuuming, steaming/ deep cleaning

What if I ask you, what’s your favorite spot on earth?  The answer will undoubtedly be your bed! We spend one-third of our lives in the comfort of our bed. We spend a substantial time of our day, reading, studying, working, eating, drinking, dreaming, sleeping, but mostly dreaming in our beds. Yes, so many memories attached to it. Don’t they deserve a little pampering? By that we don’t mean just changing the sheets would suffice. What about the mattress underneath? You might get the most beautiful best bed toppers and pillow covers. But aren’t you compromising on your health by not keeping all clean?

Reasons to get a professional mattress cleaning service

The mattress is the most neglected part of the bed when it comes to cleaning. This is mostly because it seems like a tedious job to do so. Unfortunately, we cannot just put a mattress in a washing machine and expect it to come out all bright, fresh and clean. You cannot even soak it in water or wash by hand. In fact, water and mattress are rivals! So, it requires a few steps to clean your top rated mattress toppers like vacuuming, deodorizing, treating the stains, etc. If you are not willing to put that much energy, you might be wondering to get a professional mattress cleaning done.

Reasons to get a professional mattress cleaning service:

  • Take the gross fact. We humans on average sweat out 200 grams of sweat each and every night. That’s almost half a big glass! All of that absorbed by our very own lovely mattresses.
  • Our mattresses don’t just soak sweat, but they receive body oils, dead skin, blood stains and other residues from pets and children. As a result, they become the vacation grounds for dust mites. These are microscopic living organisms which are the prime cause of allergy in humans. Professional mattress cleaning will ensure complete removal of such villains.
  • We might be having various types of mattresses like open coil mattresses, latex foam, pocket sprung, memory foam, etc. Experts know the best as for which techniques to be used to clean a particular type of mattress.

Methods mostly used are:

  1. Dry Vacuuming: Professionals will carry vacuum cleaners specially designed for cleaning mattresses. They will remove any dry dirt or dust efficiently on all the six sides of your mattress leaving it fresh and clean.
  2. Steaming/ deep cleaning: This process is followed by removing the stains as it involves heating. Although, a specialized microfiber cloth is used to avoid any direct heat contact. The process kills and removes any microorganisms breeding inside the mattresses. It requires a minimum of 30 minutes to dry off. You don’t have to worry about your night’s sleep. Most people prefer steaming method by professional mattress cleaning service.

If you look around, there are numerous professional mattress cleaning services available in your locality and everywhere. And the best part, it does not even cost much. Now get your best mattress for back and neck pain that can be a lovely spa. Surely it will love you for it. In return, you enjoy a fresh and healthy lay.



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