A hassle free and best way to clean a mattress

Your mattress is what you rest yourself on for more than just a couple of hours every day. To put it down numerically, it is where you probably spend 1/3rd of your life on. It is thus important that your best foam mattress topper is clean and ridden with dust, dead skin cells, bodily fluids, mites, and parasites. There are many ways to accomplish your cleaning mission, out of which this article is going to give you one hassle-free solution or the best way to clean a mattress. If you are finally planning to clean your top rated mattress toppers, or maybe just clean it better than the last time, this read is for you.

Steps to get a clean mattress in a few hours (In a particular order)

  1. Remove the bed covers: Remove all the linens from the mattress and toss them into a washing machine, or you can choose to launder them by hand. Place aside the pillows and cushions (if any) to get the whole ground of mattress for cleaning.
    Vacuum to remove dust

    Vacuum to remove dust

  2. Vacuum: best way to clean a mattress of all dust particles, vacuum it properly. Don’t forget the ridges and corners. This step is a pre-requisite for all that is coming next. It is essential that your mattress is entirely rid of fat dust particles at least, if not the minute dead skill cells before you go ahead with applying anything that is being told in the following steps.
    Baking soda mixture

    Baking soda mixture

  3. Prepare baking soda mixture: In a jar or any utensil of your choice, take slightly more than half a kilo (one pound) baking soda for a queen sized mattress and add a few drops of essential oils. Essential oils are just for fragrance and to fight the entire fetid odor from your best bed toppers. Shake the jar for a good 30 to 40 seconds, so the oils are well mixed into.


  4. Check for stains: If there are any stains, blood, urine or food or just anything, get rid of them first. For this, you can use vinegar (apple cider or white distilled) or detergent solution. Dab the solution on the stain and let it stay for 4-5 minutes. Dry the moisture out using paper towels or any kind of dirty rag.
  5. Sieve the mixture: Once the mattress is completely de-moistened, sieve the baking soda mixture on the mattress and let it sit for 4 to 5 hours. You can let the mattress out under the sun. UV rays act as catalysts.
  6. Vacuum: To remove the baking soda, vacuum your mattress properly.

Ta-da! You are done.

Can I mix the vinegar in the baking soda mixture itself?

Yes, you very well can. But the addition of vinegar might form clumps of baking soda, and that can be difficult.

Is there any other alternative to vinegar?

Yes. Any stain remover cream or solution that you may find in a pharmaceutical store can be used as a replacement for vinegar.

Can this method be used with my kids’ mattresses? There is no toxicity involved, is there?

Your kids’ mattresses can also be cleaned like this. There is no toxic ingredient or any harmful side effects of this process.

So, the above was some quick tips on the best way to clean a mattress.

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