Clean mattress stains are made easy

Finally, you found that luxury mattress topper that you always wanted for your bedroom. It’s a common knowledge how costly these top rated mattress toppers are, and we expect it to last for a good period of time. However, these products can never be fully immune from all kinds of mess that happens while it is in use. There can be dust mites, body sweat spots, stubborn blots of ink, a drink spilled accidentally or of food.All the grease and stains on the mattress can give it an ugly picture and the burden to clean mattress stains can give you nightmares.

clean mattress stains

To decide on the most suitable form to clean the mattress stains, one needs to check what kind of material the mattress is made up of. Mattresses made up of microfiber, down or down alternative fillings or cotton is generally machine washable. The cheap memory foam mattress toppers might not be suitable for a machine wash as it can be all worn and torn by it. It is crucial to check the instructions label that comes with the product to take the right step.

As with material, one has to be particular about how to deal with different kinds of stains. We have tried to enlist the general methods to clean the mattress stains of different types.

  • Vomit stains: This type of stains can be cleaned without drenching the whole mattress. All you need is a sponge and shampoo ideal for your material. You can also use household ammonia, but you need to use baking soda after it to disperse the foul smell of ammonia and drying the pad off moisture. Disinfect the spot with a good antiseptic and dry it with a vacuum cleaner or a hairdryer.
  • Blood stains: One of the most common and particularly hard to remove, this category needs to be treated as soon as it is noticed. A thick paste of soda bicarbonate with water can be put on the spots and scraped off when dried. More stubborn ones can be treated with cold salted water. Hydrogen peroxide along with salt and liquid detergent can be dabbed on the stain.
  • Coffee: One that you should keep in mind is not to rub the stain rigorously while cleaning it. Repeated dabbing of citrus based cleanser followed by a clean cloth can do the wonders
  • Alcohol stains: It can be a most horrifying of sights when say red wine is spilled on your spotless white mattress. But it can be easily dealt with thanks to the simple talcum powder. Just be cautious not to rub the stain. Get the extra liquid out of the topper with a clean cloth. Sprinkle some talcum powder on it and let it dry off. Clean it again with a cloth, and you will get your pristine white pad back. Repeat the process if needed.

For all the body odors and dust, which may lead to a build-up of bacteria and mites, regular washing and cleaning of the mattress is recommended. You should vacuum the mattress both sides once in a month. Let them out under the sun every three-four months. If you or any of the family members is allergy prone, a skin sensitive detergent to clean the mattress stains would be a wise choice.



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