The Quick Rundown of Best Types of Mattresses for Back Pain 

The most complicated medical condition to treat is those relating to the chronic back pain. It is the condition that affects thousands of people across the world at one or other time in the life. Back pain is the prime reason why people start losing their mobility, especially in the middle age. People usually spend one-third of their lives resting on the bed and hence choosing the right Types of Mattresses for Back Pain is necessary for the healthy management of the pain. Chronic back pain prevents people from involving in physical activities, thereby making it challenging to maintain a healthy weight and retain stamina, strength, and balance as they age.

what are the know the Types of Mattresses for Back Pain

So, management and treatment of the backpack resulting from health conditions or injuries are utmost necessary for staying on track of healthy and active lifestyle. It makes a huge difference in whether you can enjoy sound sleep at night and wake up with a relaxed mind for active functioning next day. Below is the list of some Good Mattress for Back Pain that is worth considering.

Memory Foam Mattress

According to Mattress Pad Reviews, people who have undergone the painful experience of the kind own a mattress made out of memory foam. It brings a greater satisfaction and pain relief to the person, owing to its unique properties and behavior of the memory foam material. The memory foam mattresses are the Best Mattress for Back Sleepers as it provides them the ultimate support and coziness while sleeping on it. However, you need to ensure that you buy 5-PCF memory foams that offer ultimate spinal alignment and support. It conforms to your body in response to your weight as well as heat.


  • Evenly distribute the weight and in turn relieve the pressure pain
  • Motion isolation


  • Bad support to stomach sleepers
  • Off-gassing
  • Its higher firmness can exacerbate the pressure points

Latex Mattresses

This is one of the famous Types of Mattresses for Back Pain which is highly recommended to people suffering from chronic back pain. It is more responsive compared to memory foam and also cooler option. It is a spongy material and can push into the body contour instantly, thereby enhancing the contouring capabilities. Latex is the Best Mattress for Back and Neck Pain, and it is made out of either natural rubber or synthetic rubber that provides optimal spinal alignment and alleviates the back pain.


  • Firmer than foam
  • Breathable and circulate heat evenly
  • Higher point elasticity for optimal comfort and pressure point relief


  • It may be allergic to some users
  • Motion transfer is an issue
  • Latex may offer odor

Innerspring Mattresses

The Innerspring mattresses are not good Types of Mattresses for Back Pain; instead, it is highly recommended as orthopedic solutions as it offers full body support. This type of mattress comprises of coils and each wrapped individually to maximize the contouring capabilities of the mattress. The innerspring mattresses are the Best Orthopedic Mattress.


  • Firmer Full-Body Support
  • Suitable for heavier and stomach sleepers


  • Motion transfer issue

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